Monday, August 6, 2012

Home but not really here....

              I thought when I got home I thought I would have all the time to create but I have been going to Ocala  to watch my grandson who unfortunately has to go back to Michigan next Monday and I won't see him till 
Christmas ..I hate that his mom moved so far away...... On my off days I go to my daughters,who is only 20 min away and I'm helping to get Hailie's room makeover done before she comes back from her dad's up in Pa..  We will have to wait till my brother comes back from his trip to repaint the room but hopefully everything else will be done . I think she will like it..Hailie comes in to Tampa airport on this week is all filled up. Next room is the baby's and now we know it is a girl so we can start on it.
            Next week we have work related training and route picks and our dry runs , we have something going every day but Fri and then school starts on Aug. 20............Then hopefully I can get into a regular schedule and know what time I have for crafting.because I have 2 shows coming up in nov and dec that I need to be ready for + I need to restock my etsy shop.
             Well everyone have a great day I need to get moving since I had my coffee..Lots to do

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