Friday, February 14, 2014



    It's 4:30am and I'm still not asleep even though I tried tyelonal PM but it didn't work so I said the heck with it and have made some coffee and am going to stay up till tonight and then see if I can sleep.
    I have several hooked rugs that have to be finished so I will try to bind them. That is the part I hate doing. I can do that with my arm still in the sling.
I may even try to make soap with my left hand for stirring. I'm tired of being idle.
    Monday , I go to the doctor and I hope he lets me drive and also start physical thearpy. Then it won't feel like I am a prisoner in my house. It wouldn't be so bad but it's  me and only my dog ,Cholee and she doesn't talk . It's a bit chilly right now 34. will be 59 today. on sat. should go back to 7o.

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