Thursday, July 7, 2016

Been a While

     Had my shoulder surgery on June 9th on my left shoulder to repair the tear....It was alot easier then the 2 surgeries on the right shoulder....It was done with a scope so there were only 4 little holes on the rt. there is 5" cut from the first surgery and about a 10" cut from the reverse shoulder replacement.  Hopefully this one on the left takes and I don't have to have a shoulder replacement on the left.. Keep the fingers and toes crossed.
  Had a very nice 4th . Kids came over and my brother made some really great ribs on the grill. then the next day we went to Red Lobster.First time out of house except for doc visit since june 16th. It was so nice.
  Well , I will  try to keep up with my blog since I feel more like myself.

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