Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Day Late


Just thought I would post my kitty............Lovebug  he loves to cuddle right on your shoulder

Ever feel like time is just running into one anotheR. i HAVE BEEN A DAY BEHIND ALL WEEK. mY BROTHER WAS SHOWING ME A ONE DAY SALE FROM sAMS AND i ASKED HIM IF HE WOULD GET ME THOSE SKILLETS TOMORROW . hE SAID HE HAD TO DO TODAY... i THOUGHT IT WAS fRIDAY.. sOME HOW i LOST A DAY.  i WAS SUPPOSE TO MEET lOLA AT THE POOL TODAY. bUT on Sat it closes at three. Just looked up and I can't even type correctly.I'm hunt and peck. so I have to look at keys.
  Well, I guess I will continue cleaning.
There is alot of stuff in my closet that hasn't been used for years .I already filled 2 trash bags this week  .....I also found projects that I can do now that I.'m pretty much at home. I go out but it is really hard and tiresome.  I wish I could walk on land like I do in Pool  therapy. Sometimes I really get discouraged but I have to keep trying............enough of my pity party.....what is new with everyone go back to school on 14th  I will miss my visitors.

Bye for now...have to catch up because of my lost time

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