Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finishing touches

It's been a very busy day. I have been working on many different things. I had a large can of bay leaves   and a flower pot I had ready for a topiary but I thought the bay leaves would give a nice country look and I had the cinnamon sheep I made for Christmas . I  think it came together quite well. also worked on framing my punchneedle. I still have one more to go.
nuts and  pods
a spring time pot
Still have more to do so it will be a long nite.....but nI have good music and strong coffee..I just hope we don't get  rain at the show.  Well breaks over. Have a good nite everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christine said...

I love it! Really does look like a prim Christmas tree!

jody said...

Good luck! I think u have lots of great stuff!