Saturday, July 20, 2013


                      SOME GREAT OLD BUILDINGS IN SOUTH BEACH, MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My first cruise was wonderful!!!!!!!
I ENJOYED EVERY ASPECT OF IT. When I was married I was an antique dealer and we went to many different states to do shows , but I never got to see anything but the scenery on the way there and back . It was work from the time you got there to the time you left.  When I would do a show by myself I would drive straight there and take a different route home off the main road to see more.
       My cruise was different...........I  actually relaxed and enjoyed the sights and company........We swam,enjoyed tea time and a couple of musicals and comedy shows and just watching out the windows. Saw a pod of dolphins swimming along with the boat.......ALL  AND ALL  IT  WAS   GREAT!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Going be offline for 5 days............going on the first cruise of my life........should be daughter Jackie and her husband are taking this old lady with them....taking my camera and will have lots of photos to to you all soon!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013


                            Sorry  I haven't been on for a while but I haven't been feeling very well. Haven't done any crafts for several weeks.  I'm waiting for the meds to kick in and several test results to come back and then I hope to find out why I'm tired and exhausted all the time.
                             My kids are taking me on a cruise next week so that should be enjoyable and relaxing.......I plan on lots of photos
                            So till then all my friends , enjoy your summer and as I feel better I will post more

Best Bud

  He is my best friend,he stays right by my side . I wonder how he will react when hopefully I don't need the w/c anymore. ...