Tuesday, March 20, 2012

       I'd like to say; GOOD MORNING as I sit here with my first cup of coffee trying to get motivated. The photos are : 
1. my first attempt at decorating cupcakes.......we had to practice making leaves and pompoms.. My one cupcake looks like an alien monster but they taste really good.  Go to    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hollys-Cakes-and-Cake-Pops/114485371969520 to see some really nice cakes and cake pops. She does a great job. Her stuff is beautiful.
   2. The soap is the batch my grandaughter and I made......She picked the color  and helped stir. Then she designed the label with my help. All in all I think she did a great job.  This is a nice handsoap with oatmeal and cornmeal for texture and to get the dirt , Vit. E and shea butter for the skin.
                              But then she asked me if we could change the name to S & J & H COUNTRY CRAFTS.

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