Saturday, March 31, 2012


                                  This week I signed on for a Sat. farmers market..It started out as a nice day, my grand daughter came along to help....she did a really good job helping me set up the tent and the tables. She then designed my chalk sign , it was very cute and to the point. It opened a 10:00 and things  were going well  till about noon. Then the sky became dark and windy with thunder....someone yelled put your tents down and the downpour came...needless to say I became a drenched rat. I made  Hailie sit in the car while I packed everything up because of the thunder and lightning.  It took quite a while to pack up. When we got home my daughter was there and she helped me unload and put thing on the front porch to dry..I'm signed up for next Sat. and hope it is nice weather.

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