Sunday, May 5, 2013


    So glad to wake up to a beautiful cool, breezy Sunday morning. Its been since Wed. that my eyes were operated on and I still look like a racoon,its slowly moving down under the eyes........back to work tomorrow but at least as soon as it gets light I can put on my sunglasses to drive so I won't scare the elementary kids ,just the high school.
    Was out on the porch watching the birds in my feeders ,there sure were a was very peaceful.
     My brother was here and brought the boat here to show me.........we will have much fun on it at camp this summer..It seats 12 so the whole family can enjoy...Have to buy a baby life preserver.  Well ,I plan oncrafting today if I get things done I will post later, everyone have a great day and prayers for all who are experiencing the floods and fires

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