Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Learning my limitations

                        Hope everyone is having a great day..............I wanted to get Christmas stuff down. I thought I could get it down from the top shelf but I was so wrong...I dropped the first box but luckly it was not breakable stuff. I guess I have to wait till  my brother comes home.
                        I think the first doc they sent me to, didn't listen to me....I told him I couldn't lift my right arm and he sent me back after 3 weeks and 4 physical thearpy sessions to drive the school bus...Thank God nothing happened.I compensented with my left hand when it came time to shift to neutral at the bus stop and to put the brake on. then it took 3 weeks of driving before they set up doc.  appt.... Right away he put me on restrictions to not drive school bus due to saftey reasons. 
                          Well, enough about me...........I can't wait till Christmas, my grandson will be down from Michegan for 14 days...Can't wait.. the 21th is my little grand daughters 1st birthday..
well enought rambling on   
 the loves of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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