Wednesday, May 7, 2014


In three more months it will be one year since I fell at work....My arm still doesn't work even after surgery in January and 12 weeks of physical thearpy.  ....They did a MRI and I go in Monday to see if more surgery is needed...My workers comp denied my claim after paying till right before the surgery and I have been fighting them but my court hearing isn't till I am dishing out 700.00 a month for my health insurance ..It really sucks...thank God I had a little savings because I haven't had a paycheck since they denied my claim in January.....
              It's not like  I went to work that day thinking how can I get  hurt so I don't have to work.....I love driving bus and had planned on working till I was 65 and then just doing field trips..I'm getting really disguisted................just needed to vent..

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