Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Well folks, 
     Yesterday was the day from hell. It all started around noon. I have been babysitting my daughters cat while her and her husband are at the Outer Banks.. he was sleeping on his blanket in the spare room.,and when I checked again he wasn't there. I started out to check the house and noticed the door leading to the hall to the mother-in-laws apartment was open a crack..I went back and asked my brother if he had seen the cat....he said no but he had been carring boxes in and  the door to the garage was open...........so we looked around outside and didn't see him so we went in the house and started moving furniature looking for him ,looked under beds ,behind desks,in closets everywhere ..NO CAT!
  I GOT IN THE CAR AND WENT TO ALL NEARBY NEIGHBORS ...THE CLOSEST ONE SENT CHILDREN AND HER GROWN SON OUT LOOKING.           I live on five acres so my brother went all over the wooded part several times. I kept going up the road till about 6 pm and then I went into make signs with his photo on it and Ken would hang them...I was just finishing up last sign when who come around the kitchen corner : the dang missing cat.

 I still have no idea where he was hiding

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