Friday, July 17, 2015

My Life

     I guess its time to to face the truth.......DEepression really sucks when you try to have your normal life....It started in 2011 when my mom passed. I had lived with her for ten years and the last five I was her primary caretaker, and we were really close. About a month after I felt like I was having a heart attack, But it was a warning and I had to have a stent.  The depression started to creep in, it was slow at first with rushing thoughts and sleepness nights.  I finally made an appointment with the doc and he started me on meds .They helped for a while.
     I got hurt at work in Aug. 2013 and w/c started playing games and denied my claim 3 days before surgery. I went ahead a used my insurance and then hired a workers comp lawyer. It took a year to fight them and 2 surgeries later I got my w/c back after a long year with the stress of keeping the bills up to date on ssi. The depression worsened and the doc up the dose.
    Then in this past end of april they sent me back to work on light duty. One of the girls was moving chairs around and the leg hit my foot and down I went on the left arm. That happened on a Tue. and they would not authorize me to go to w/c doc till Fri..The arm was black and blue the top till elbow.
They doc said to see ortho doc in May and I just got to see one this week and he wants an Mri of shoulder because one bone was higher than the other.....Here we go again.
     I have been really fighting this depressio but it seems the dam w/c is just totaly ruining my life they fight you on everything. I just try to stay focused on stuff and then the pain and lack of function of the arms make things to`harder to do..I just want my life back with no pain and worries.
   Ok I vented

If anyone else is dealing with this depression let me know how you deal

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