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9 Restaurants With Incredible Rooftop Dining In Florida

There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion or romantic evening than with delicious food and a spectacular view. Here are some of the best restaurants offering rooftop service in Florida: 1. Spinners Rooftop Revolving Bistro, St. Pete Beach Spinners is an upscale restaurant located on the 12th floor of the Grand Plaza Hotel in St. Pete Beach. As you dine, the view slowly changes as the restaurant revolves. This is the perfect place for a romantic night out. 2. San Sebastian Winery, St. Augustine Flickr/San Sebastian Winery The Cellar Upstairs Wine and Jazz & Blues Bar sits on top of this beloved local winery. They serve a light menu to accompany all of your favorite San Sebastian wines and some great live music. 3. Roof Top Cafe, Key West Facebook/Roof Top Cafe This is an elegant spot to take a break during a busy trip and do some fascinating people-watching in Key West. 4. Black Sheep Restaurant, Jacksonville Facebook/Black Sheep Restaurant Despit…

Circut 10th Anniversary Sale

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Sugarsand Fest

 My kids took me to Clearwater Beach to see the sand sculptures . It was amazing. It is worth the drive . It was a great way to spend my time for my birthday and then we all went out to eat. What a great day.


Walked over to see the new little one ,they were close to the fence but once they heard me with the walker they ran off. I guess the noise scared them. I didn't use my cane because the ground was uneven and I surely don't want to  fall. They soon came back a little closer and you can see the baby.

A trip to the Countryside