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A Day Late


Just thought I would post my kitty............Lovebug  he loves to cuddle right on your shoulder
Ever feel like time is just running into one anotheR. i HAVE BEEN A DAY BEHIND ALL WEEK. mY BROTHER WAS SHOWING ME A ONE DAY SALE FROM sAMS AND i ASKED HIM IF HE WOULD GET ME THOSE SKILLETS TOMORROW . hE SAID HE HAD TO DO TODAY... i THOUGHT IT WAS fRIDAY.. sOME HOW i LOST A DAY.  i WAS SUPPOSE TO MEET lOLA AT THE POOL TODAY. bUT on Sat it closes at three. Just looked up and I can't even type correctly.I'm hunt and peck. so I have to look at keys.
Well, I guess I will continue cleaning.
There is alot of stuff in my closet that hasn't been used for years .I already filled 2 trash bags this week  .....I also found projects that I can do now that I.'m pretty much at home. I go out but it is really hard and tiresome.  I wish I could walk on land like I do in Pool  therapy. Sometimes I really get discouraged but I have to keep trying............enough of my pity party.....what is…

Been Busy

Decided to start using all the craft supplies that I had before I was disabled and still did craft shows. I started to day by cleaning my craft tables and organizing my supplies.   I was fixing all the ribbon and the new kitty thought it was fun to play with it,but I did get it done . It was a mess in that box.. Tomorrow is another day and I plan on keeping busy.

Sunset...Bayport Fl.

 My grand daughter drove me out to Bayport, Fl so we could watch the sunset. It was so calm and relaxing. No dolphins to nite though and the fishing pier is still closed.


 Happy Weekend
 I was just wondering why all the items I need to pickup are in the middle or back of the store....thats probably good because I get practice using my walker but on the other handI am exhausted when I'm done...I need beads but I am going to Hobby Lobby with my grand daughter this week because it is a really long walk to their bead section so we will take my wheelchair.
I went to Jo Anns today to get my exercise and i will use my exercise bike later

Digital Sheets

  I finally figured how to make digital sheets for my own jewelry and I'm going to try to make some for sale. It is fun and also time consuming, but also something productive I can do when in my wheel chair. My first sheet

Philly Cheesesteak sloppy joes

Philly Cheesesteak sloppy joes INGREDIENTS:1 pound lean ground beef2 tablespoons butter1 small yellow onion, diced1 small green bell pepper, diced8 ounces brown mushrooms minced2 tablespoons ketchup
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper1 tablespoon cornstarch1 cup beef broth8 ounces Provolone Cheese Slices, chopped6 brioche hamburger buns
Add the Ingredients (minus the cheese and buns) to the slow cooker and cook on low for 4 hours.Use half the amount of beef broth.


Hi Everyone

   My day has been full already. I had three different test done at the imaging place. I had to use the walker because I went alone..first there were no handicapped spaces open so I had to park at the end of lot.Lets say I was tired when I got in and then 3 different rooms + changing rooms . Then back to  my car.  Thankfully when I got home my brother was there and he brought out the wheelchair for me to get in.
   I rested for a while and was going to the pool but it is now thundering and lightning so I have to wait an see if it quits....the pool exercises make me feel so much better. I wish I could walk on land like I do in pool.  Maybe someday...have to stay positive.
   Just having a carnation instant breakfast smoothie....chocolate and banana... sure is good.+ late lunch.



NY Hiking


Life Continues

               Haven't written for a while. I'm depressed that I am not walking on my own.I  can use my walker for a little bit. Still need the wheelchair for every day chores like laundry ,cooking and some other stuff like my crafts .I have ventured out on my own to Micheal or Hobby Lobby but I'mm glad my walker has a seat because those stores seem really big and I get  tired and have pain. It's been since Aug. 2016 since I have walked.  Well enough of my self up date

    My family is fine. Hailie and Harper just came home from NY. They went  to their paps and went hiking in the mountians.

Ryleighh had her dance June. My son got a new puppy , Crosby. My daughters are  fine. I have been making soaps and labels today. I have I Heart radio on my computer to keep me motivated

my beautiful Kitty has been missing for 5 days  now . I 'm getting this little baby in 2 weeks.
Thats all for this post. I have more photos from the NY trip to   post