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I hate my glue gun

Once again the monster has burned me....Someday I hope to use the darn thing and not get burnt...It is so much handier than glue because it bonds faster and you can get the product done. This is my little enemy I want it to be more friendly to my fingers
I made this for the owner of the pool spa that I do my therapy at. Its for Mothers Day WILL BE WORKING ON MORE IN DIFFERENT SIZES AND STYLES

Paper Flowers


No swim for me in Fl. lakes

A 10-year-old girl in Orlando, Florida, pried open an alligator's mouth to free her leg after the animal clamped down on her left knee, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said. The girl was swimming Saturday afternoon in a designated swim area of Lake Mary Jane, in water that was about two feet deep and 10 feet from shore, when an 8-foot-9-inch-long alligator bit her. She was able to pry open the gator's mouth and remove her leg but sustained several puncture wounds to the back of her knee and lower thigh, the state commission said. She was treated by lifeguards, taken by family members to a children's hospital and has reportedly since been released. Moss Park is flanked by two large lakes, Lake Hart and Lake Mary Jane here gators sometimes appear, according to the Orlando Sentinel. There were four other members of her party, standing approximately 30 feet from the shore when she was bitten, officials said.

Mason Jar Candles

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