Life continues to roll along,  I mean in days and also partly in my wheelchair.  I had hoped to be walking just with the walker by now. After all its been since Aug. 2016 SINCE i GOT HURT.  tHERE ARE SO MANY THINGS i CAN'T DO WITH THE WALKER, cook, laundry, get things from high because I am not steady enough to let go . It gets depressing at times.. 
     I go to a pool 5 times a week. my grandaughter goes with me to help me in and out. She works out on the treadmill while I work out in the pool. I do what they had me do at water therapy.  It is helping.
I hope I become less dependent on the wheelchair soon. I want to get back to the things I love , like craft shows and take some roadtrips. I miss them.
Would love to go to Waco, Texas to see the Magnolia Silos.

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