Saturday, July 8, 2017

Life Continues

               Haven't written for a while. I'm depressed that I am not walking on my own.I  can use my walker for a little bit. Still need the wheelchair for every day chores like laundry ,cooking and some other stuff like my crafts .I have ventured out on my own to Micheal or Hobby Lobby but I'mm glad my walker has a seat because those stores seem really big and I get  tired and have pain. It's been since Aug. 2016 since I have walked.  Well enough of my self up date

    My family is fine. Hailie and Harper just came home from NY. They went  to their paps and went hiking in the mountians.

Ryleighh had her dance June. My son got a new puppy , Crosby. My daughters are  fine. I have been making soaps and labels today. I have I Heart radio on my computer to keep me motivated

my beautiful Kitty has been missing for 5 days  now . I 'm getting this little baby in 2 weeks.

my missing baby she is microchipped
Thats all for this post. I have more photos from the NY trip to   post

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