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Really Have To Push Myself

     Went to the doctor yesterday.  I am not as far along in my recovery as I should be.. I need to do the PT exercises 3 times a day and use the walker more at home.. I have to push myself, easier said then done. The pain is whats holding me back. It hurts in the knee and also the back of the thigh up to my butt. Breaking the femur was worse then when I had my children least that pain goes away once you see your baby , this does not.

On a lighter note , it is beautiful here today..It's in the high 70's.. I love this time of the year ..I hate  Fl. summers. To hot.

Just some random photos of my life and loves

Feeling Artsy

just having fun with my photos

Beautiful Day

             It is a beautiful day today, but mine started out crappy. I couldn't fall asleep last nite because of the around 3 I took a painpill. I set my alarm for 9 and when it went off I reset it for 9:45 . My brother came in and poured some water on my head to get up....was not to happy but then I got up because kitty was outside my window and wanted in.  She finds me whatever  room I'm in. and gets up on the window.
Glad I'm up because it is really nice not too hot but also not cold, just right. I have the whole day because I don't have to be at  therapy till 4:00. So I'll take a little time to enjoy my view of the horses before I start anything else.

Clone of a Cinnabon

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