Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crazy Evening after work last nite

  well , I pulled a good one last nite..........In the afternoon on my way to work the 25 miles to E bell went off but I needed to get to work early to fill my bus , so I was gonna wait till after work on the way home to stop for gas.  
    I guess you know what happens next....................I forget about it . I'm almost home and I happen to glance at the mileage dash and it reads 2 miles to E...the nearest gas station is six miles back.  I make it to my house , it's 6:45 by then..I'm tired and just wanted to rest...but nooo, I had to call my neighbor and she took me to the gsa station to get fuel. We  came back to fill it and lo and behold you needed a special funnel to pour it in.....Thank goodness her husband was a retired car shop owner and he came over with one..
   Meanwhile by now it is 8:15 , I'm tired , hungry and still had to drive the car to the gas station and fill her up...I was really mad at myself and hungry so I called and picked up pizza from our favorite place.......  
        The only good thing about last nite was my little furry buddies got to go for an unexpected ride...they love that!!!!!

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