Thursday, November 29, 2012

What aCRAZY morning!!!

This is how my morning went:
   Got up at 4:50  showered , went to work...........finished High school run , bathroom break.............then did elementary , got done at 9:25..........when hanging keys up was told to  go to administration for drug test [ we have  random drug testing because we drive school bus---which is a good thing---I wouldn't want a drunk or druggie driving my grand kids]  so I go down and the guy isn't there yet ,they said he would be there at 10...10 comes and goes  still no can't it's 11:40 and I can't hold it any longer and went and used the bathroom... I figured they would have to wait on me now because I couldn't wait.............then the boss comes out and says you can leave cause he's not coming.  One good thing is we got paid for sitting there in discomfort...
      At least I got to run home and let the pooches out   before it was time to go back for the afternoon.
      I wanted to get the tables and tent and disply items in the car but I'll have to do it in the dark tonight for the show Sat and Sunday

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