Sunday, March 10, 2013

                              I'm off to a slow start today ,couldn't                                              sleep last nite so really tired today....I have some bird photos that have been featured on I took while on         vacation and locally....please check them out.

                        I have 4  rugs that I finished hooking but didn't finish the edges...and I am going to try to do that today......wish me luck..I have my sewing machine and ironing board set up in the kitchen since my brother will be gone till the end of April, I can work where ever I please in the house.....
       It's kinda nice to have the whole house to myself for once...
big sis little sis

Yesterday my daughter Jen came over with the baby while Hailie was  at softball practice............we had a nice visit....
   On another note my daughter Jackie had embryo's implated last Wed. and she will get a blood test this coming Wed. to see if it worked................all prayers will be a blessing, I hope it   worked but if not she has 3 more tries..God willing it will take this time..and she will not have to deal with dissapointment.. They have been  trying for three years, but she has feamale medical issues and IVF is her only chance
   Well enough rambling ,gotta get to work

HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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