Wednesday, January 22, 2014

     I was asleep but now I'm wide awake....I guess the pain decided it was time to kick in and wake  me..Things are progressing well/ Got the stitches out Monday, it looked good, no infection. I got to take a real shower this morning and it really felt good. I still have to wear the imoblizer sling for 4 more week before I can start physical thearpy. 
    I will probably go stir crazy by then.Hopefully one of the kids come by and take me grand daughter , Hailie will have her birthday party sleepover on the 1st of  Feb. 5 girls total.. we ordered aprons and the girls will decorate them..they are going to make cupcakes and each girl will decorate 5 each..they will have icing stations, sprinkles and other toppings to use. good thing I have the decorating kit.
She loves my house , always stuff to create. Had her party here last year also.

    Well, I'm going to try to sleep again.


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