Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tomorrow is a big day. My daughter and her husband came up tonight so they can drive me to the lawyer for a deposition to see about getting my workmans comp reinstated..They denied right before my surgery. After that  have a doctors appt. in the afternoon. Hopefully he will let me start driving so I can also be able to start physical thearpy...
                         I finally finished some  hooked rugs for the SPRINGTIME CELEBRATION OF THE OFG TEAM on ETSY. It starts on Feb.23
Wonderful group of artists on Etsy

Photo: Happy New Year, everyone!  Today starts our newest promotion, get to know the faces of the OFG team through their about me pages.  HEre is a list of all of the participating shops! And remember to look for the coupon code hidden on their about me page!   Just look for this picture on their pages.  Happy shopping, everyone!

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