Saturday, July 12, 2014


Low Carbing Among Friends added 3 new photos.
GARLIC PARSLEY MUSHROOMS ~ This lovely recipe with Gouda cheese on top uses a whole cup of chopped flat-leaf parsley. Parsley is high in vitamin K which is great for strong bones! Gouda cheese is high in vitamin K2, also important for strong bones. ~ Jen
Here you can find how to order our lovely cookbooks to have a ton of these recipes at your fingertips: Thanks for your support! Remember to LIKE our page! ~ Jen
Volumes 1 through 3 are very large cookbooks (I personally like the coil-bound versions of all the cookbooks). Volume 2 has a mini book in it by Jimmy Moore with all the pertinent links on the internet for low-carbers. Volumes 4 and 5 are organized by category (rather than by author) and have maximum 30 photos. This is a collection of cookbooks that you will refer to for years to come. If you are a cookbook collector, you definitely need your collection of the most unique low-carb cookbooks available today!
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