Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Signs and Cricut

      I have been extremely busy the last couple of days. It hasn't rained for 2 days and today is sunny. My dog decided to roll in something dead and boy did he stink....my brother and I gave him a bath out on the porch....I held him while Ken bathed him ..he got the good stuff .,Pantene shampoo and conditioner. NOW HE SMELLS LIKE COCONUT. Ken decided to be funny and turned the hose on me...hard to run away in the wheelchair....but it felt good because it's so hot.
      I have been working on signs with my Cricut Maker....Best Mother's day gift ever...It is so much fun and a break from making wreaths. I also need to make anothe batch of soaps and candles to the shop I need to go there this week to see if anything sold and to take new. Here ar some of my signs.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!!!


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