Well, life since Covid 19 has been very different.... first I gave up my drivers license in feb. due to no feeling in my right foot and I did not want to have an accident and hurt myself or anone else. I put my car into my daughters name and bought myself a lift and a scooter...It was for going to different places that I wanted to see and they would not have to push the wheelchair... b ut then the Covid 19 came and I was not permitted to go anywhere. I was stuck in  the house for my own hair needed cut but I had to wait till the salons daughter took me . i have not been to a grocery store or restaurant....its better that way because I would be at was hard at first because I didn't get to see my grandkids. But we did get a new member to our family

 miss ella who is now 15 weeks that was her when we first got her.
 her and her big brother they get along fine but she still tries to fight the cat till he swats her good
I can't wait till I get to go places the only place I do get to go is the medical mary jane who would of thought that you could do it legally. It really helps with the anxiety and not be able to sleep. Now all I have to do is get creative craft room is lonelybut now I have to go watch the pup while they work on painting the house.


I’m sorry to hear about your foot and that you haven’t been able to see your grandchildren. Dogs make everything better. Thanks for featuring my Hey Boo Halloween plaque on WW!
COVID - 19 has changed so many aspects in our lives. But we will continue to fight it.. and wishing you all the fun time with the pups. Cheers form #OMHGWW

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