Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Decorating started

 Well my daughter and her boyfrien have started decorating.........they went into the attic and found alot of my mom's things...we are using some of them in the decor and jax got a lot of new stuff....we even got a real tree this year...Haven't had one since 2003 after I moved here. Always had one in Pa.
 It is about 10 feet tall and not finished yet. Still have to put ornaments on
 Beautiful center piece for the  dinner table in the dining room table.
the sideboard is decorated with some of her lakeside birds she collects.
 The stand in the entry is full of gnomes, she also took the one I made,so far I have stopped the cat when I see him ready to jump up there.
 This is in the family room where the fireplace is also decorated.
 she also used some of my art

Merry Christmas Everyone 




  1. Hi Suzan, Your Christmas Decorations look great, its great when you can have a real tree, I grew up with real trees, my grandma was very particular. Nice that you had help in decorating, I love the all the gnomes, great collection!!

    Wishing you happy holidays!!

    1. thank you so much..I hope everything is fixed at your house before
      christmas I wish I was as computer smart as you

    2. Im glad you can now reply. I've been working on blogs since 2009 and am self taught through trial and errors.

      Not sure things will be finished, I'm still waiting for a start date of fixing everything, I have to move every piece of furniture , books, etc before they lay flooring in 3 rooms. I dont think Im getting out the Christmas decorations this year even if they completed their work. I wont have any energy left. its like moving without moving.

      Have a great week, thank you for hosting omhgww!!
      Have a Joyful holiday!


Best Bud

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