Monday, December 6, 2021

Busy December

December is a busy month for me, my grandson will be 16 on the 8th. My youngest grand daughter will be 9 on th 21th. 

We have  Christmas cookies to make and decide what to have on Christmas day. Last year we had a full house and had prime rib and ham.  The prime rib is just to expensive this year but thats ok by me , I love ham and ham gravy.... I was busy yesterday making gifts for cookie making day.  Ryleigh the youngest get a cookie testers shirt and decorated oven mitt.

My older granddaughter and my her friend who I refer to as my
 adopted grand daughter each get their own mitts

  I had fun making these , it was a learning experience. That was my first time doing iron on . It sure would be nice if I had the press. The iron takes longer because I can't press as hard, but it works.  Now I'm not afraid to do it.

My daughter Jen bought us these two Christmas gnomes to add to the collection'


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