Friday, March 4, 2022

Changing things around


 I worked on changing the family room around but Coal had other ideas....he would move from the love seat to the couch..I got most of it moved but then I had to call Mark for help..The dog hair that collected under the loveseat and the couch was enough for to make a tiny dog.

 This layout gives me more room to walk with the walker..I used to move furniture all the time when we had the Antique business but it is not as easy in the wheelchair... I miss changing my rooms around..I would love to do the bedroom next but I would really need help with that. The bed is king sized.

 heres some throwback photos of my brothers and I....Iloved that big old house


  1. looks like a cozy corner you have here... Coal knows all the best spots indeed. Cheers from #OMHGWW

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Best Bud

  He is my best friend,he stays right by my side . I wonder how he will react when hopefully I don't need the w/c anymore. ...