Had a fun day Sunday with my youngest grand child, RYLEIGH. She came over to make a shirt for 100 days of school. It had to have 100 thing on it. We used fabric markers and she drew 100 different items. then we used iron on vinyl  on the back .. It was fun, we then spent the rest of the day watching a movie and playing dolls.

     Monday ,    I went out to dinner with Hailie. It was for her birthday which is this coming Sunday. she is a ground hog day baby...I can't believe she will be 19 already..........time flies.  Love being a grand ma.


Karren Haller said…
Cute little girl and darling top
Thank you for hosting #omhgww.
I hope you have a great week!
SUZI said…
Thanks......hope you are doing well
Alice V said…
The shirt came out really nice! I did this too with my kids for 100 days of school but they didn't draw 100 things, just drew their version of a unicorn and the words "100 days of school". If I let them draw 100 things, it'll be 100 unicorns!
Look at that smile! Enjoy your Sunday with your loved ones..
SUZI said…
thanks all I do enjoy my time with her

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