New Addition to our Family



we have a new member to our family, he name is Sophia and she is 10 weeks old, and she is quite active and can hold her own with her big brother and sister.

 I love seeing my front yard littered with GSD'S...They all seem to get along pretty good except she is an ankle bitter, she goes right after the big ones. Ella is 9 months old and almost full grown and Coal is the old man at 3 years.

I love all these dogs but the big guy is mine and the two girls are Jackie and Marks. They live in the apartment at the end of the hall. they

 have a nice big yard to play in.


Clearissa said…
The puppy is adorable as are the other fur babies. Thanks for sharing them with us and co-hosting at #omhgww. See you next week.

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